Tuesday, March 18th meeting…

If you missed our General Meeting, Tuesday March 18th, you missed something special.  Adam Gorman & Chris Ursin, from Natural Audio, LLC, demonstrated an amazing way to “hide” that big tv in the living room (or any other room).  They have a solution that rivals many others.  By using beautifully framed custom or stock artwork that rolls up, exposing the tv when you’re ready to watch it, there is now a wonderful piece of framed art in the space.  Much nicer to look at than a big black tv.  Check out their website at www.naturalav.com.

The automation is done using Crestron products, as demonstrated in a CEU course given by Richard Kurtzer, called Residential Design Meets Technology.  It is apparent that moving forward our homes will become fully automated and Crestron has a product for every aspect of the design.  Check out their website at www.crestron.com.