Our October 21st meeting…

October brought out many serious designers!  Attendance at The Galleria in Middletown was wonderful. Michael, owner of Oak & Velvet furniture company gave us an overview of the business and shared information about the construction and integrity of the furniture he makes.  We took a field trip to his business location on Main Street where we were able to observe the processes of reupholstery, fabric cushions being sewn and down feather cushion filling.

Reupholstery involves complete overhaul of the piece. If it needs to be reinforced in any way that is done and new fill and padding is added, all before the new fabric is applied.

New furniture construction follows the best procedures of all good furniture companies but Michael combines them all into his process. He expects the furniture his company builds to last a lifetime.

A brochure with styles and pricing will be available to designers soon. Definitely worth the drive to Middletown from wherever you are located.