Our May 20th meeting…

Social media is a challenge for many of us, but with a little help from a program & app called Buffer,  Melanie Langford says it will help make you more efficient in this department.  It is now easy to post on many of your social media sites at once.  You can even schedule your posts for the future.  Quite convenient for busy designers who still want to blog and tweet! Check it out!

We are always looking for good software to design rooms and we can say for sure that Punch (Platinum edition) may be just what you are looking for.  Check it out.  It will help you draw plans as well as place furnishings in the space.  This is not an expensive computer program and although there will be a learning curve, it looks like the benefits will outweigh the time spent learning.  Thank you Elaine Curley-Urban for sharing with us.