Kathleen Morrone

Morrone140x175Associate Member
Morrone Studio Indesign, Southbury
tele: 203.267.6209
fax:  203.267.6209
cell: 203.232.4237
email: kathy@morronestudioindesign.com

Kathleen Morrone, a successful and poised interior designer, has worked on many challenging yet rewarding projects in partnership with architects, builders, and landscape designers throughout Connecticut. Her design studio, Morrone Studio Indesign, is an innovative and diversified full-service design practice that includes high-end residential design, new construction and remodeling, out-door living spaces, office design and complete home site development. She is a practicing IDS professional and contractor with 18 years in the interior design and construction business.

Kathleen is the only designer in the area that brings over 15 years of experience from the demanding discipline of fashion design to the world of interiors. As a fashion designer she worked for haute couturiers, Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, where she learned “the true value of design is found only in the clients’ vision”.

Kathleen is committed to a holistic approach in design. Her design focuses on architectural features, custom designed cabinetry and furniture, color, scale and proportion by marrying the interior environment with the exterior setting. Combined with the latest in technology and green design, the result is a dependable, state of the art dwelling.

Drawing on her vast number of suppliers, sources, and skilled artisans, Kathleen, above all else, is energetic and persistent in making sure she will create the best possible design for you. Caring about your project is her competitive advantage and it is an advantage that takes a lot effort which will certainly emerge in the design of your home.  Furthermore, how you feel about it is important to her.

Kathleen cares about being better than “good enough”. Caring involves raising that bar to the point where her team has to stretch.