Elaine Curley Urban – July Designer Spotlight

ECU2Elaine Curley Urban is a prominent Litchfield County designer who specializes in residential and small contract design. Elaine’s expertise is traditional styling with a modern vision and offers diversity in styling.

In 2004, INTERIOR REMEDIES was born from her passion to communicate & transform her client’s goals into beautiful spaces.  A historic homeowner, Elaine has honed substantial expertise in both period design & renovation.  A member of IDS and IDS-CT,  she brings an award winning design to every project.  Elaine’s signature is to include a reinforcement of the homes characteristic, either uniting the outdoors to the interior or to the homeowner’s interest or family story.

Although styling interests are diverse and determined by the customer’s interests and spaces, Elaine has a penchant for functional applications. One such example is the renovation of an 1840’s farmhouse bathroom in Litchfield County.



The area had no bathtub and had been installed with a 1960’s “remodel” and conventional vanity, outdated and uncomfortably low for this family who are tall. The primary goal was to transition this space into a pristine vintage design to flow with the other spaces in the home.  As their second home, the family wished for ease of maintenance and creature comforts.

Elaine designed, and had built by a local cabinetmaker, a vanity that depicted the lines of an older hunt board.

Adding a pair of farmhouse vessels contributed to the desired effect and height goals.

The lighting installation consisted of old nickel candle sconces and concealed LED puck lighting.


The plumbing was chosen to be “living” old pewter finish that will patina over time, wall mounted to capture the time period.


The free standing bathtub and its reproduction plumbing now grace the space and complete the family’s goals.


Very limited floor space and closets throughout the home motivated Elaine to utilize a floor to ceiling pantry pullout, taking up very little floor space while providing the client with ample, well concealed storage!



The results transformed the home and offered an inviting, dramatic respite where a weekend in the country can be enjoyed with a soak, serenity & warm towels!



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