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Through a referral from a local paint and window shade store in Avon I was called by a Farmington resident to bring soft window treatments to their new home.  The homeowner, the Dean of Graduate Medical Education of UConn and her husband, were looking at blue prints and dry wall when I arrived and she could only envision cellular shades in every window.  This seemed practical given short time frame, but not less expensive from fabric shades.  Hard treatments like cellular shades would be impersonal and block views they’ve just invested in.

Kiki was very confident with me and I had all installed as they were moving in, just under 5 weeks.

This new home sits above the Farmington Golf Course and the river beyond.
Dining Room under construction
Being a scientist she could not yet envision my ideas.  They wanted very simple, clean and minimal pattern.  They’ve had too much of that before.  When I arrived with just two bags full of books, Kiki gravitated to all the fabrics right away.  I offered drawings to share with her husband for final confirmation.

Dining Room full


Dining Room full

Here I’ve layered line drawings over site pictures with a translucent feature for sheers. These are with the Dream Draper application.  The combined living and dining room had magnificent windows and they didn’t want anything, however it was very cold.   I fabricated black sheers with subtle texture.  To imitate grand drapes, I added grey linen down the sides and pleated area, giving it strength.  The hardware is black wrought iron to express height and character.

Living rm

Living Room

The master bedroom has very high ceilings and with simple but tall inverted pleated valances just above the window trim the proportions of the space is balanced.  The shades are soft relaxed romans.
Master Bedroom
The other side of the room has a curved bay seating where I matched the dark blue from the valance fabric for the cushions.  A huge body pillow as added later.  Same valances over these windows too.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Bedroom Shades
The children of this wonderful family of 7 are grown, but the large scale of this very well built home is sanctuary for their visits. The window treatments in all the other bedrooms are relaxed roman shades and very little embellishments for a foundation for future decor.


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