December 2013

As the year quickly winds down, once again it seems time for reflection. It was a good year. Yes, I said it! Our clients are resurfacing and spending money on their homes. Their nesting instinct has been strong for the past few years. Now clients seem to be spending money again on things they absolutely love and must have for their homes. It’s great news for the design community. We get to assert our influence over these decisions and it feels so good to help our clients make those important decisions.

The time between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah was non-existent this year. So glad that’s not going to happen again for… so many years! Christmas is only four weeks from Thanksgiving but somehow feels like two. Where does the time go? Are we so busy delivering our clients needs that we forget our own?

Get your gifts wrapped, cards written & mailed, and tree decorated. Get a delicious cup of hot chocolate and sit under your beautiful tree and breathe a sigh of relief. You did it (please tell me your trees are decorated by now)! Give thanks and look ahead to a bright new year.  All is calm; all is bright.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays!