Carolyn Lombardi

Associate Member
CT Interior Solutions LLC, Newington
tele: 860.240.8474

For 22 years I worked in Corporate America at a successful career selling training and education to Independent Agents.  During those 22 years my ongoing passion for decorating led me to work for Thomasville Home Furnishing. While employed, I completed three months of training working with color, patterns, furniture arrangement and witnessed first-hand how furniture was made.  Several years ago when I left my career, I decided it was time to follow my passion and start my own business in interior design.

After successfully completing a Home Staging and Redesign certification course and the Ultimate Color and The Ultimate Design Guide, I began working with an established local Realtor who knows the value of Home Staging and Redesign gaining valuable hands-on experience.

There is enormous satisfaction when you serve others by sharing your knowledge and expertise to help them achieve their goals.
I look forward each day to serving all my clients.