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Julie Albrecht
Divine Interiors, Tolland

Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Maintain and manage all Chapter financial records
  • Adhere to all National IDS policies regarding all accounting procedures
  • Issue monthly Treasurer’s report for Chapter meetings
  • Collect and track Chapter dues
  • Prepare complete list of paid members for the Membership chair and Website chair
  • Be responsible to the Chapter and National IDS for an accounting of all monies collected and disbursed by the chapter.
  • Issue Quarterly Financial Reports by April 15th, July 15th,  October 15th, and January 15th to the Executive Committee and National IDS (Report should include all monies, including investments held by the chapter, as well as a reporting of all disbursements made by the chapter during the quarter)
  • Issue Annual Financial Report
  • Assume Chapter Secretary duties when necessary
  • Work collaboratively with Vice President, Secretary and Membership
  • Report any financial discrepancies to the Chapter President