Sharon Leichsenring

Sterling Industry Partner
Leichsenring Studios, Trumbull, CT
tele 203.556.9491

My studio is a resource for designers. I use paint and plaster to create inspired murals and artisan finishes for walls, ceilings, floors and furniture. And then there are magical ceilings, cloudscapes and sophisticated children’s rooms.

Finishes can be as simple as depth creating glazes or multi layered plasters for old world ambience or cutting edge contemporary approaches. Gold leaf, mica infused plasters and glass beads are just a few of the goodies in my tool bag.

Murals can be simple vignettes or room wrapping landscapes.  There’s a sense of wonder having an artist create a world for you or your client, that is truly yours. It’s more than finding the correct palette and reference materials-which are important-but the core of the design is being able to take your client’s wish and transform it into the emotional response they are seeking. A well designed mural or vignette should be able to evoke that response every time it is viewed.