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  • Maintain chapter roster using National member roster as guide
  • Maintain records of members who have paid their chapter dues
  • Print name tags for all new members. Bring blank name tags to every General meeting for Guests
  • Contact new National IDS members and invite them to chapter meetings
  • Meet & Greet new members and guests at General meetings with the following: National brochures, National membership applications, CT Chapter membership applications, and CT Chapter “Join Us” cards.  Follow up with potential new members after meetings by email or phone and offer assistance with the membership application process.
  • Provide CT Chapter information packets to all new and existing members, including a directory of CT Chapter members
  • Coordinate with National as necessary regarding membership
  • Keep the website chairman & Evite chairman informed of changes to be made
  • Coordinate member records with Treasurer
  • Maintain a birthday list of all members
  • Maintain a recruiting letter and a renewal letter for  prospective & existing members