Our June 17th meeting…

Tuesday, June 17th we met at AKDO in Bridgeport for our meeting and a fabulous presentation on stone varieties.  It was an interactive presentation as so many of our members asked many questions.  Diane Hayden was a wealth of knowledge for us!  Later, a walk through their showroom was well worth the visit.


Our May 20th meeting…

Social media is a challenge for many of us, but with a little help from a program & app called Buffer,  Melanie Langford says it will help make you more efficient in this department.  It is now easy to post on many of your social media sites at once.  You can even schedule your posts for the future.  Quite convenient for busy designers who still want to blog and tweet! Check it out!

We are always looking for good software to design rooms and we can say for sure that Punch (Platinum edition) may be just what you are looking for.  Check it out.  It will help you draw plans as well as place furnishings in the space.  This is not an expensive computer program and although there will be a learning curve, it looks like the benefits will outweigh the time spent learning.  Thank you Elaine Curley-Urban for sharing with us.


Our April 18th meeting…

We met at The Kitchen Company in North Haven where Helen Richardson presented the very best in kitchen cabinets.  Giving us a crash course on the basics of good cabinetry, we saw the latest trends, colors and styles that will last.



New Feature!

Click on Designer Spotlight…
on the Left Menu or on the Top “Featured” Section, to view July’s featured designer, Elaine Curley Urban.

Hurry and submit your project for the months to follow.


Tuesday, March 18th meeting…

If you missed our General Meeting, Tuesday March 18th, you missed something special.  Adam Gorman & Chris Ursin, from Natural Audio, LLC, demonstrated an amazing way to “hide” that big tv in the living room (or any other room).  They have a solution that rivals many others.  By using beautifully framed custom or stock artwork that rolls up, exposing the tv when you’re ready to watch it, there is now a wonderful piece of framed art in the space.  Much nicer to look at than a big black tv.  Check out their website at www.naturalav.com.

The automation is done using Crestron products, as demonstrated in a CEU course given by Richard Kurtzer, called Residential Design Meets Technology.  It is apparent that moving forward our homes will become fully automated and Crestron has a product for every aspect of the design.  Check out their website at www.crestron.com.


Our new website is live!

WooHoo! Finally, after months of talking about a brand new website, we HAVE one! It was a labor of love rather than just a business proposition. We have worked hard to build the new website and hope you will all be as proud of it as we are.  For certain, there will be tweaks as we test the site but we are sure it is an improvement over the old site.

Please check out your personal info and let me know if anything needs to be corrected.



December 2013

As the year quickly winds down, once again it seems time for reflection. It was a good year. Yes, I said it! Our clients are resurfacing and spending money on their homes. Their nesting instinct has been strong for the past few years. Now clients seem to be spending money again on things they absolutely love and must have for their homes. It’s great news for the design community. We get to assert our influence over these decisions and it feels so good to help our clients make those important decisions.

The time between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah was non-existent this year. So glad that’s not going to happen again for… so many years! Christmas is only four weeks from Thanksgiving but somehow feels like two. Where does the time go? Are we so busy delivering our clients needs that we forget our own?

Get your gifts wrapped, cards written & mailed, and tree decorated. Get a delicious cup of hot chocolate and sit under your beautiful tree and breathe a sigh of relief. You did it (please tell me your trees are decorated by now)! Give thanks and look ahead to a bright new year.  All is calm; all is bright.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays!