Our 2015 Holiday Luncheon

We enjoyed a lovely Holiday Luncheon on December 8th at Ludal’s Restaurant in North Haven.  Many members attended which is always our goal.

This year we invited guest speakers from the Center For Family Justice in Bridgeport.  Debra Greenwood & Judy Stevens gave us an overview of the organization and what they represent in the community.

Their services are far reaching, providing help in every aspect to help those in domestic violence households.  A very much needed resource, they provide unending additional resources under one roof, so to speak.

The Center For Family Justice is a charity we support and we are planning a fund raiser for early June 2026.







Our November meeting & more…

…  November’s meeting was on location at The Shade Store in Westport, CT.  So much information and all so useful!  Consider them as one of your resources for shades when your project requires them.

… Autumn seemed to whiz by and here we are at Thanksgiving already.  We all have so much to be thankful for.  Hold that warm feeling near your heart as we enter the big holiday season and cold winter ahead (let’s hope it’s a warm one). Perhaps you’ll be wrapping up projects while you wrap up gifts for those people you hold near and dear.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would pick up some toiletries and bring them unwrapped to our Holiday Luncheon on December 8th.  Each year we collect and donate toiletries for Homes For The Brave veterans returning home and in need of the basics like socks, underwear, T-shirts, gloves, razors & shave cream, toothbrush & toothpaste, deodorant….

Please consider giving back to your community and donating whatever you can to help those less fortunate.  Holidays often bring out the best in us.  Keep that feeling going as we ring in the new year, 2016! What would happen if we all did that? Hmmm.  Imagine!

Happy Holidays to you all!






Our September & October meetings ~

… In September we started the season off right with rep David Ciarlone who shared with us many new fabrics from the Robert Allen Design group. Lovely and luscious new ideas to work with made most of us swoon.

… October’s meeting was held at Safavieh in Stamford. Margaret gave us a tour complete with useful and interesting information about all the furniture companies they carry, which are many. Another resource for us and especially good when your client needs to “sit” on the furniture.  Many beautiful quality lines are represented in their showroom.  Go take a look.



Our June 30th Beach Picnic!

Some of our IDS CT Chapter members were able to attend our annual beach picnic.  Postponed once, we managed to get the perfect beach day on the 30th!

Pot luck at it’s best, we all brought something delicious to share, from salads, hummus and chips,  veges, gazpacho to fruits and deserts.

A great day of relaxing, eating good food and sharing fun stories together was a treat for all who attended.  We’d like to see the number of attendees continue to grow!



Our May 19th meeting…

Susan Unger, social media expert and owner of Cloud Bar, held a class on how to use “Instagram”.  So much valuable information was presented to us along with a huge print out of directions and explanations.

Learning what social media to use and how to use it properly will be a valuable tool for you in your business.



Our April meeting…

Our April outing  proved extremely valuable. Sue Lennox of Nautical Needles in Westbrook hosted our meeting and shared important information about upholstery, chair and sofa frames and fillings.  Examples of cushion filling material were passed around to give us a “feel” for what the differences are.  The showroom has many vendor fabric books as well as bolts of fabric for sale. This to-the-trade workroom offers more than upholstery.  Pillows and window treatments are also a big part of Sue’s business.

If you missed this meeting it is worth your while to take a trip to Westbrook!


Our March 17th meeting…

We welcomed Susan Unger, Social Media Expert, to share some highlights of social media and what it can do for us as designers.  The overview hit upon many things and showed many of us that we really are in need of some lessons from the expert.

In addition to presenting at our meetings, Susan is available for private lessons as well as setting up and maintaining your social media if that is something you would like.

The board decided to hire Susan to return a couple of times this year, each time presenting a lesson in a new category.

May’s meeting will focus on “Instagram”.  We are ready!


Our February 17th meeting…

We welcomed Susan Unger, Social Media Expert, to give us an overview of social media and what it can do for us as designers. Susan was able to show us some valuable information through a presentation and discussion.

It seems so many of us are in need of help so the board has decided to have Susan come back a few times this year to give us some important lessons in various social media areas.

May’s meeting will concentrate on one area of social media ~ Instagram!


January 2015 ~ Happy New Year!

Once again, breathe a sigh of relief.  The holidays are behind us for another 11 months. Of course those months are going to fly by as they always do.  With each new year comes another possible set of resolutions for making things easier for that work / family balance. Does anyone really want to have a drapery installation December 19th?  No, I don’t think so!

Resolution # 1 ~ Looking ahead I think it’s time to start making more lists. It’s not a bad habit to get into.  There are worse habits.  I think it’s fair to say it’s possible that out memories just aren’t what they used to be.  There are more things to remember and each is as critical as the next.  Make it easier…  write it down.

Resolution #2 ~ Work harder and play harder.  Our clients require cultivation like a garden.  That takes a lot of energy.  They are certainly worth the time you will put into their needs so go ahead and splurge on them like you would some beautiful tulips, hyacinth, lilies and cosmos.  The relationships we build with our clients can be and should be rewarding for both sides.  Whether looking by yourself for their fabrics or furnishings or hand in hand visiting boutiques and specialty shops with them for those special finishing touches, always remember to enjoy your time. Memories and great relationships are made here. When the job is done go out and reward yourself!

Resolution #3 ~ Let them eat cake! Bring something delicious to your next client meeting and share it with them.  Why not? Comfort food makes for a more relaxed meeting.  Chocolate always works.

Resolution #4 ~ Organize, organize, organize. I can’t say it enough. If you have an organized system in your office you will have more organization outside of your office.  Put things in place starting new this January.

Resolution #5 ~ Remember to save some energy for yourself and  your loved ones, especially around the holidays.  We bend over backwards to please our clients and don’t always have enough energy for our home based activities.  If baking holiday cookies is a tradition you love to share with your children or grandchildren, don’t let anything get in the way.  Go ahead – take that time for yourself and make those memories.

I don’t have a crystal ball but can say with some certainty that if you will try any of the ideas above you will likely find some peace of mind.  Feel free to remind me of them any time! I, too, will be working hard to achieve more balance in my work / family time and know for sure I need to address Resolution #1 and I’m already planning some very special baking time next December with Shelby, who will be 3-1/2 by then.

Wishing you all a very special post holiday season and a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Warm wishes,




Our December Luncheon

This year we were able to hold our annual Holiday Luncheon on its planned date despite the nasty weather we encountered that day. The luncheon was well attended and the food & service were superb at Sage American Grill & Oyster Bar way out on the tip of New Haven’s coastline.


Our November 18th meeting…

Our guest speaker was ill and had to cancel her presentation. We took this time to have a frank discussion with all members present regarding 2015 meeting programs. Many good suggestions were brought into discussion.  2015 will be a year of education and interesting topics, and evening networking events.

Join us, please!


Our October 21st meeting…

October brought out many serious designers!  Attendance at The Galleria in Middletown was wonderful. Michael, owner of Oak & Velvet furniture company gave us an overview of the business and shared information about the construction and integrity of the furniture he makes.  We took a field trip to his business location on Main Street where we were able to observe the processes of reupholstery, fabric cushions being sewn and down feather cushion filling.

Reupholstery involves complete overhaul of the piece. If it needs to be reinforced in any way that is done and new fill and padding is added, all before the new fabric is applied.

New furniture construction follows the best procedures of all good furniture companies but Michael combines them all into his process. He expects the furniture his company builds to last a lifetime.

A brochure with styles and pricing will be available to designers soon. Definitely worth the drive to Middletown from wherever you are located.


Our September 16th meeting…

As we returned to business after a two month summer break, it was wonderful to find Kathleen Bivona had baked and brought us amazing treats, from scrambled eggs to banana bread, fresh fruit, yogurt, home-made granola and more! Holly Sutton-Darr also contributed baked good and coffee.

Our program consisted of a Panel Discussion led by Donna Moss on Defining Our Industry in Today’s Challenging Market.  Three specific topics were discussed-

Donna spoke about the need to define your niche. Find the one thing you can do that will set you apart from other designers – perhaps a specialty.  Why not post a You Tube video? Promote yourself everywhere you go. Convince the potential client that they need a designer to put it all together for them.  DIY’ers will try to do it but often run into snags when the product arrives and they just can’t pull it all together.

Holly Sutton-Darr gave us something to think about… plant your seeds everywhere you go and eventually it does pay off. Promote yourself to everyone everywhere, ask for referrals, and give back to your community.  Value yourself or others won’t see how good you are. Not only should you Think outside the box, you must Do outside the box! Separating your schedule into work days and free days can help you to be more productive and don’t feel guilty when you don’t read work emails on a free day!

Elaine Curley Urban talked to us about contractors and setting boundaries with them. Always be your best. Show up on the jobsite able to walk it – no high heels! Be one of the guys there, within reason. Today’s contractor see themselves in a new role – one of a designer on the job! You must get in early on the job. Be sure all the details of your work are listed in your contract with the client.  Remember to use change order requests when you need them. Why not keep a day book on the jobsite for anyone working on the job to record what was done that day or any questions or concerns to be addressed?

Many good ideas came forth from our general membership as well. It was a great meeting!  You should have been there…


Our June 17th meeting…

Tuesday, June 17th we met at AKDO in Bridgeport for our meeting and a fabulous presentation on stone varieties.  It was an interactive presentation as so many of our members asked many questions.  Diane Hayden was a wealth of knowledge for us!  Later, a walk through their showroom was well worth the visit.